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They were found substantially equivalent to similar accredited programs in the.

  • Finally, we extend our thanks and gratitude to the sponsors of the event and its participants, stressing that their support and participation demonstrate the maturity of patriotism among them, as well as confirming the importance of the occasion, and their role in providing training and career opportunities for Alumni.

  • Please discuss further on the.

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Groundwater Modeling is a first step tool designed to represent a simplified version of the field system i.

  • In 2019 the university put in place a transformation plan whose primary goal is to support the transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from a natural resource monetizing economy primarily focused on oil and gas resources, into a diversified knowledge economy, to position the Kingdom as an active participant of the new global digital economy.

  • Injecting water into wells can prevent salt water intrusion into freshwater aquifers and control land subsidence.

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